Investing in Community:

Royal Oak is home to many local gems.

From our parks, to our senior center

to our farmers market. I have supported new investments into the places and things that make our community special.

As mayor, I will work every day to listen to resident concerns and ensure the city is protecting and growing the things that make Royal Oak a wonderful place to live. 

1)A thriving Farmer’s Market: We've dedicated $140,000 in upgrades to the market while also Increasing the vendor space. Currently we are working to expand the market into new central park plan.

 2) Over 40 Neighborhood Parks
From our larger parks to our smallest of pocket parks, Royal Oak is unique in just how many neighborhood parks we have.  Since  taking office 6 new play structures have been built. We've invested $Xxx,xxx in improved maintenance while looking at new ways to add in more community greenspace

 3) Senior Center:
As the population of Royal Oak continues to age, we need to ensure a high quality of life for our seniors. All Royal Oakers should have the ability to enjoy aging in place here near their friends, family, children and grandchildren. We have stabilized the funding for the Royal Oak Senior Center, ensuring it continues to offer top notch programs for our seniors, invested more in the housing rehabilitation program to help seniors and low-income families improve their homes, and we are committed to expanding and improving senior transit.

4) Our Beautiful Tree Canopy :
As mayor I have helped protect Royal Oak’s “Tree City” status by expanding the easement tree planting program as well as invested an additional $300,000 to restore our tree canopy.

Strong Public Safety:

Environmental Sustainability:

I am committed to ensuring the health, safety and prosperity of Royal Oak for current and future generations. This means working to protect our air, water, trees and green spaces, and increasing the use of renewable energy in the city:

As Mayor and City Commissioner before that, I have been committed to green infrastructure and protecting our environment. Some things he's done and will continue to do include:

1) CBDG Funds for tree planting: We’ve dedicated $150k/year over the last two years for tree planting through Community Development Block Grant funds (federal funds most of which must be spent on infrastructure projects in eligible areas). Last year was the first year we dedicated these funds and we will continue with a second round this year.

2) DPS Tree planting program. Royal Oak offers residents an opportunity to buy a tree at cost and DPS will plant it in your easement:

 I think we can dramatically improve the application process, but even with the hiccups, a great many residents take advantage of this program. 

3) Tree ordinance: This is one I've been talking about for a while and we just had a special meeting about it. Here is the letter from staff with the report and recommendations as requested by myself and a couple other commissioners: 

This is an opportunity to enact an ordinance that requires development to be net tree-positive and to establish a policy that the city track our net tree gain/loss annually so we can have a planting program that meets the need. Even though I got some resistance from a couple staff and a couple other commissioners, I intend to keep pursuing this possibility and any support you'd like to lend would be greatly appreciated.

4) City-wide Environmental Sustainability Plan: This year, I pushed to get the creation of a city-wide environmental sustainability plan accepted as one of our strategic goals and I’m pleased to say we got it in there. In my vision, this plan would have both public and a private sector strategies and would lay out our long-term and near-term environmental goals as well as the policies we will need to enact to achieve them. Top line items will be increasing tree count, reducing water runoff, expanding the city’s use of renewable energy and shrinking our total carbon footprint.

Michael Fournier for Mayor of Royal Oak

I am committed to ensuring Royal Oak continues to be one of the safest cities in the country. The low crime rate as well as the quality of life in Royal Oak are proof of our success.

​As mayor and as a father of three, my top priority is keeping our community safe, healthy and vibrant for all residents. I will continue making sure our police and emergency personnel have the training, tools and resources necessary to do their jobs well.

Since I have been at the commission table, Royal Oak has:

  • Restored police staffing to levels recommended by an independent public safety study
  • Secured resources to keep Advanced Life Support emergency personnel on staff
  • Grown the Royal Oak Citizen Police Academy
  • Approved the construction of a new police station that will result in improved staffing efficiencies and more officer time spent on the streets


In September of 2017 all three Royal Oak police officers associations endorsed Mike Fournier for Mayor. He is the only mayoral candidate to have earned their support. You can check out the article here

Mike is the only mayoral candidate to have earned the support of the Royal Oak Firefighters.